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New working time recording system

For years, we have been searching for the perfect way to organize our work schedule until we finally realized that we should just create the right tool ourselves. One that would gather all necessary data related to work time tracking – such as work hours, absences, vacations, and days off for care. None of the systems we tried met all of our expectations, so we decided that… we would make it ourselves! We already knew what to focus on, what elements should be included, and how simple the navigation of the system should be. Now we know that solutions like this can greatly simplify our daily operations in the company.

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How does it work?

Using the Registo System is very simple. All you need to do is download a free mobile app for tracking work time and register on the system.registo.pl platform. There, with just a few clicks, you can add employees, enter their basic contact information, mark their entry and exit times, enter absences, and generate an individual QR code. This code is used to monitor the time of entry and exit from work. No additional information needs to be entered, just scan the QR code, and the rest will automatically be recorded in the system.



You download the app and register in the system to start entering basic data and proceed to further actions. Downloading the app and registering in the system, at the address: system.registo.pl/login/rejestracja, is completely free.



You activate the tracking device and add employees to the system by entering their basic information (name, surname, position, contact information – e.g. work phone number).

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You generate an individual QR code for each employee. It will be used to automate the recording of the time of arrival and departure from work.



You can enter and check collected data regarding employees’ attendance, time tracking, overtime calculation, and days they were absent from work.


You don’t need technologically advanced hardware to use the Registo System. The devices you already use in your company are sufficient.

You can use our time tracking system both on a tablet and a phone, as long as you have internet connectivity and the ability to read QR codes, which is already a standard feature in almost every smartphone. Our system is mobile, meaning it does not have to be tied to one specific device located in the company. It is suitable not only for office work but also for remote work or business trips.

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Downloading the app is completely free and non-binding.

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Some people look at the world through numbers. And just like that – let the numbers speak for themselves.

With the Registo system, monitoring work hours in a company becomes incredibly easy. All you need is one app to record the entry and exit times of employees, all absences, vacations, and sick leave.

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Every day we work on developing our system.

That is why your opinions, suggestions, and tips are extremely important to us. If you think we can improve it in any area or have a suggestion for new features, please let us know.

We are open to cooperation!