REGISTO users we give you the opportunity to use our System in two versions:

the basic version, which is completely free of charge.


⇒ in the PRO version ⭐ – paid, but giving you the possibility to use a number of additional functions in the System.

See what is included in the free version of REGISTO and what additional features you will get after buying the PRO package:

Functionality in the free version:

  • management of the company’s employees with the possibility of sending a QR code to the employee’s email address
  • registration of working time using the QR code along with calculation of the employee’s break time
  • registration of employee absences
  • manual modification of working time on the day following the registered absence
  • possibility to generate reports including a summary of employee absences, a general report of working time and employee absences and a list of employee attendance
  • management of working time settings, by defining the daily norm of hours or the number of hours for automatic exit of an employee (in case his/her exit from work has not been registered), as well as by rounding up recorded entry/exit times
  • the ability to switch the camera on the time-recording device
  • possibility to set the language in the application, directly in the employee’s data or on the work time recording device
  • possibility to associate the device with a selected employee

Functionalities in the PRO version:
all functionalities available in the free version

  • Work schedule module enabling scheduling of employees’ work and also giving the possibility of comparing scheduled hours with actual working time
  • Messaging module allowing to display notifications for employees on the recording device
  • the ability to specify for the work time recording device whether it is used to record employee entries and exits, or only entries or exits
  • recording of location data of the recording device
  • possibility to define individually for an employee the number of hours for automatic exit of an employee (when his exit from work has not been registered)
  • possibility to add or modify working time in two ways: by specifying the total number of hours or by specifying the start and end time of work
  • the possibility to edit the working time on the same day, i.e. during the “duration of work”

Are you a new user of the service ?
You don’t have to buy access to REGISTO PRO right away. We give you the opportunity to test additional functionalities available only in the PRO version, completely free of charge, for a period of 30 days.
After this time, you decide for yourself whether you want to continue using the System in the PRO version. If you decide, all you have to do is select the appropriate PRO Package on the site.

PRO Packages depend on the period for which REGISTO PRO is to be active with you .
We currently have three packages prepared in the offer:

The longer the period of REGISTO PRO ⭐, the more favorable the offer.