Is using Registo System completely free?

Yes. Every stage of using the Registo System is free of charge - from registration, through entering all necessary information, to recording the work time of the entire team.

Will employees feel overly controlled in this way?

The Registo System allows for collecting many data in one place. Such data that everyone is already accountable for. This makes it easier to quickly check how many days of leave or care have been used or how many overtime hours the employee has earned in a given month. This is a convenience for both sides - both for the employer and the employee.

Can I use the Registo system only in the company's headquarters?

No, this time recording system is 100% mobile. This means it can also be used outside the company headquarters, on business trips or in the case of remote work.

Is it easy to make changes to the system?

Yes, its usage is very simple and intuitive. You can always return to edit saved items, for example in the case of wrongly entered data or if their status has changed, such as an employee who has a vacation marked, but fell ill during it and has a sick leave or took a day off to care for a child – such changes can easily be made in the system.

Is the time tracking system flexible and can it be adapted to my company's operation?

Yes, it depends on the specific company as to what data it will enter into the system. The system is based on basic data and algorithms, but it is the specific company that decides how many days of vacation the employee can use, how many overtime hours they have, etc. The Registo system does not interfere with the amount of time the employee spends at work – it simply records their time of entry and exit.

Is using the Registo System associated with additional expenses?

No, using our time tracking system is completely free. Simply use the devices that are available in the company – phones or tablets. There is no need to adapt them specifically for this system, as it does not have high hardware and technological requirements.

I downloaded the Registo app, but I cannot scan the employee's QR code because the device has not been activated. How do I activate the device and how does this application work properly?

You download the application on a device that will be used to register the employee's entry/exit time. After registering in the Registo System, you need to activate the device by linking it to your employer account. To do this, go to the Linked devices section (you can find it in the Configuration sidebar menu) and generate an activation code for the application, which you then scan with the device where the Registo application is active. From now on, your employees will be able to "clock in" with their QR codes on this device, and the system will record their start and end times of work.

How to register the working time of an employee who is working remotely or on a business trip when the registering device is located at the company?

There are no obstacles for an employee to register their working time in the System from home or in a car. It is enough to link the phone or tablet of that employee to the employer's account, and it will become a tool for registering working time. By launching the Registo application on it, the employee will be able to scan their QR code before starting and after finishing work. The ability to link a greater number of devices provides greater flexibility in organizing the work of employees.

Is it possible to change the camera setting from front to back in the Registo app?

Previously, it was not possible, but now it is. The updated app on Google Play Store has added new functionality that allows you to switch the camera on your device from front to back. The icon for this option (in the form of two arrows) is located in the upper right corner of the application window.
If you have the app from before the update, you may receive a message about the lack of a front camera. In such a situation, we suggest deleting and reinstalling the application.

Is it possible to edit work time during "work in progress"?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to edit an employee's work time during "work in progress".
The system blocks the possibility of editing the entry when the employee has clocked in and their workday is still ongoing. Editing is unlocked on the next day after the employee's registered clock-out.
Of course, manually entered working hours can be edited at any time.

Can I use Registo only to record presence, without paying attention to check-ins and check-outs?

Of course, you can use the Registo app solely for attendance tracking purposes.
The application is designed to record both the entrances and exits of employees in order to track their working hours. However, thanks to the "automatic employee check-out" option, there is no need to register the exits from work. It is enough for each employee to clock in once during the workday, and the system will automatically record their check-out after a specified time.

How to register breaks in the System when employees take a break during the workday?

An employee who is at work can take a break at any time. All they need to do is scan their QR code on the registration device before leaving for the break. When they return from the break, they need to remember to scan themselves again on the device so that their working time continues to be counted. Of course, after finishing work, the employee registers their exit by scanning themselves on the device one last time that day.
All entry/exit events that occur between the first and last recorded event in a given day are counted and displayed by the System as break time.
No additional actions are required for the employee to register breaks in their work.