🎉 This day has come❗
Just today we launched the PRO version of the REGISTO System !

On this occasion, we are giving you the opportunity to get acquainted free of charge with additional functionalities not available in the standard version of the System.
All you have to do is activate the PRO version after logging into the System.
We assure you that the activation of the service does not involve any obligations, and the test period, which lasts until the end of April this year, is completely free.
After its expiration, if you do not take any action, the PRO version will be disabled on your account.
So, it’s only up to you to decide if you want to continue using the PRO version of the System after the trial period.

You can find more information after logging into the System.
Don’t wait ⏰ but check out REGISTO PRO today ! 👍