We have completed the testing period of REGISTO PRO ⭐, during which you could use for free additional functionality of the system available only in the PRO version.

We sincerely thank everyone, and each individual, for your involvement in testing the System and sharing your comments and insights.
It is thanks to your tips and prompts that we are continuously improving and enhancing the System. 🤩

We thank you and ask for more. We are all the time open to all your suggestions and new ideas. We listen to all your voices and, as far as possible and time allows, we implement them into the System. We want REGISTO to meet all your expectations. 🤗

Until the end of June, you could use REGISTO PRO ⭐ free of charge. Continued use of the PRO version involves the purchase of the corresponding PRO package. We have prepared several types of packages for you:

You can find more details about REGISTO PRO and the price list here.

If you are a new User of our System, you do not have to pay for REGISTO PRO right away. We give you the opportunity to test additional functions free of charge for a period of 30 days, counted from the day you activate the service. We assure you that activation of the PRO version does not entail any obligations. For a period of 30 days you can test the System completely free of charge, and after this period, if you do not take any action, no fees will be charged, as the PRO version will be deactivated on your account.

Only you decide whether you want to continue using the System in the PRO version after the free trial period ❗.