With the New Year, we made changes to the REGISTO System, both in the online service and the application.

What has changed?

“We have improved the manual entry of working hours, allowing you to now mark the entry and exit time of an employee, and the system will calculate the number of hours worked automatically.
The list of absences has been expanded to include additional types and abbreviations, and each of them has been assigned a different color – this will make it easier to distinguish them on the weekly view. Additionally, you can now enter an absence for the entire duration, specifying the start and end dates – the system will automatically fill in entries for the days in the given time range.”

We have added a column to the list of employees with information about the work status of employees on the current day, and in the Employee profile, a ‘Working Hours’ tab has been added, giving you access to the work register and absences of the selected employee.

In the ‘Working Hours,’ we have changed the ‘Date’ filter, allowing you to precisely specify the period for which the data should be displayed. Additionally, in the weekly view, we have added the ability to navigate between weeks by selecting the week and year number.

In the ‘Working Hours,’ a new ‘Menu’ icon has also appeared, from which you can generate one of the three available reports:

  • General report of working hours and employee absences,
  • Compilation of selected employee absences for a chosen period,
  • List of attendance for the selected employee(s) in the chosen period.

In the application, we have improved the camera image proportions and the messages that appear after scanning the QR code.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the changes and to contact us if you have any questions.